Cheating at Casino

For security purposes casinos pay out a huge amount of money. They not only hire experts in identifying doubtful behavior but also put in complicated surveillance systems. This is not all; they also train diminutive armies of guards who stroll the floors and confine anyone who is caught cheating.

The history of cheating

However, someone always finds a way to defeat the system. Many players are of the view that breaking and bending some of the rules is just an element of this game. Here are some of the spoilers. They managed to defeat the system and walk away with their fortune for a while at least.

Some of the famous cheatings

  • The Slot Scoundrel: A person among the most well-known slot cheats of the world is Tommy Genn Carmichael. He utilized a device named "top-bottom joint" back in 1980's to cheat the slot machines. While he served his term in prison he devised another complicated tool known as the "monkey paw". He used this device to trip a payout switch in slot machines and made the machines add credits or release cash at will.
  • The Roulette Rouge: Laszlo Sendor Kovacs a Hungarian gambler got famous as he kept a tiny computer in his sneakers. He use d to tap the sole below the roulette wheel and can calculate the ball velocity and speed. This allowed him to predict the spot where the ball will stop.
  • The Keno Killer: Another gambler named Reid Errol McNeal achieved the impossible; he won the 100,000 dollars huge keno jackpot in Atlantic City. The mistake he made was not being surprised at his win. Later it was found put that he was an employee at Nevada State. He had the job of examining the slot machines and ensures that appropriate chips were utilized. He got the access to the computer and discovered the code of the random number generator used in Keno.
  • The Dice Dominator: The Dominator is the name given to Dominic LoRiggio. He mastered the skill of managed dice throwing with practice. For a while he joined Chris Pawlicki who was a dice mechanic, but then he started on his own, then he started to win huge amount of money in the game of craps. This is not technically wrong, but as casinos did not like losing, he was debarred from the tables.
  • The Card Counters: Back in 1960s Dr. Edward Thorp, a mathematics professor at M.I.T., developed the technique of card counting in his milestone book called "Beat the Dealer". In 1990s a group formed by M.I.T. scholars purportedly used the technique of card counting to make millions and was later caught and debarred from play.