Famous Cheaters

If you are playing against the house then you might know that you will face a bit of disadvantage. You can defeat some games like blackjack or video poker, however, the casino enjoy the edge in all the other games. There are many people who have cheated in the past to take the advantage from the house. Some of the biggest cheaters are:

Some of the famous cheaters

  • Slots Thief Mastermind - Tommy Glenn Carmichael

    There are many thieves that have cheated the two-bit slot machines and he is one of them. He utilized the top-bottom joint for cheating the slots at Las Vegas. For almost five years he was not caught for cheating and made a lot of money from the slot machines. Then he got caught and spent 5 years in jail. After coming out he formed a group of cheaters. They won loads of money by employing devices like the monkey paw, light wand, and kick stand. They defeated many machines and made money in Atlantic City, Connecticut, Aruba, Colorado, and other places.

  • Dice Control Expert Dominic LoRiggio

    Many people believe that in the game of craps dice control in just a myth. However, those who do not believe this theory should meet Dominic LoRiggio. He made a lot of money by practicing dice control methods.

    He spent many years in perfecting this skill of dice throwing. This hard work paid off and won massive amount of money in the game of craps.

  • Wheel Bias Master of roulette - Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo

    He is very similar to Dominic LoRiggio though they are skilled in diverse games. The common things are:

    1. They believed in the method that other took as myth
    2. They spent hours in perfecting their skills

    His method involved wheel bias of roulette or in other words all the roulette wheels re not random. According to him some of the wheels are biased and favor some of the numbers. For finding such wheels he started to study the wheel all through Spain.

Card counting cheats

  • Blackjack Card Counters - MIT Blackjack Team

    This team is known to be the best cheats. This team used statistics, disguises, and card counting methods to defeat the casinos in the blackjack game. They won thousand of dollars on the weekends. But soon the casinos found out about this group.

  • Father of Card Counting - Edward Thorp

    Some people believe that the MIT team invented the system of card counting, but this wrong as this was given by Edward Thorpe back in 1960's. He used to spend hours to develop the technique to beat the casinos. This was found out when he published about this system in his famous book.