Playing Games

Even though it is possible to play free games at This Website, it is only legal to play with actual money in several areas. Because of this, players have to be held fully responsible for gaming law verification within their personal jurisdictions. They also have to do this before making bets with real money or partaking in games with real money, tournaments, lotteries or contests.

All bets are void as prohibited by the law.

Minors cannot play. Every bet that people under 18 make are rendered null and void.

Players that bet on skill-based or luck-based games do so via their own personal discretion and risk.

Other Rules

This Website websites are fully limited to people who are legal and are residents and current visitors to the jurisdictions wherein using This Website services and products are allowed by the law.

By putting This Website sties to use, or opening This Website accounts, or making bets, players agree to the This Website agreement, policies, and terms, and players warrant their eligibility to partake in any betting activities.

The management of This Website has the full right to make any changes and modifications or to delete bets, events, house policies and rules anytime without any prior notice.

The personal information and identities of players will stay strictly confidential. Betting information will never be voluntarily reported by This Website, either, unless required from their regulatory jurisdiction by appropriate authorities of government.

Players will be held responsible for keeping the access credentials of their account (including password and login name) confidential. Players who own accounts will be held fully responsible if anyone else gets access into their personal account without their permission, as well.